Barbell Shrugged

If you have any interest in CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting or just being/getting fit and strong, then you have to listen to these guys.

Barbell Shrugged are Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson, Chris Moore and CTP. They just shoot the shit each week on a wide range of topics, have a shit tonne of experience and knowledge between them, plus they regularly have awesome guests on the podcast.

New episodes go up each Wednesday. Watch the video podcast on or YouTube, or go to iTunes and subscribe to the audio only podcast.

Also make sure you check out the earlier episodes. There’s lots of great stuff there, and plenty of Rich Froning with his shirt off for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

Episode 103 is below – “Here’s a quick way to lift more weight and improve athletic performance”.

Flipping Cars


Last year I discovered weightlifting and my life will never be the same again.

I’ve “lifted weights” before, sure. I’ve done the whole back and bis, chest and tris, bodybuilding style split you see so many following blindly at your local Globogym. But I’m talking about squatting, dead lifting, cleaning and pressing. And the snatch and clean & jerk are in my not too distant future.

These movements are a whole new world to me.

I got into CrossFit with the rather ambiguous goal of “getting fit”. I learned very quickly that crushing a MetCon just doesn’t interest me. I just want to lift really heavy things. Now that goal of getting fit has become “Get strong. And then get stronger”.

With the guidance of a great coach, I’m lifting more and more weight each week. The PRs are coming thick and fast as the mechanics of each movement become smoother, more natural.

Eventually the frequency will taper as efficiency of movement is maximised and my body’s ability to recover from throwing around maximal loads slows. But I’ll continue to chase that 1RM dragon for a long while yet.

My mobility is at levels I’ve never thought possible, and still improving. Before I started lifting, I never realised that the way my body moved was so poor. I grunted just picking things up off the floor.

From barely being able to bend over a few months ago, I can now sit in an ass to the grass squat without any of the hip or knee pain from my rugby days. I move better now than I did when I was half my age.

I’ve also found peace under the barbell. No matter how fucked the day has been, crushing a front squat or dead lift has become my meditation. I never walk away feeling worse than when I walked in.

OK, sure, maybe I’m tired and a bit beat up if it’s a “heavy” day, but mentally I’m a clean slate. Sunshine and fucking rainbows. The shit just vanishes.

Although I have heard that the heavier the weights get, the noisier lifting becomes. Not from the grunting of the lifter, but rather the internal roar as the blood pressure spikes through the movements.

Strength is my new addiction. I want more. I want to feel like if I had to flip a car off someone, I could do it, as silly as that may sound.

Beyond the barbell, I’ve had a taste of some movements used in Strongman competitions and I fucking love them. The Atlas Stones in particular. There is something raw and primal about picking up a fucking heavy stone. There are no hand holds. Nothing to grip onto other than the great mass of the stone itself.

I’ll need to have a chat to the box owners about getting some larger stones as I’ve only got their heaviest stone left to master. And maybe some Farmer’s Carry handles while they’re at it.

I’m a late starter to strength and it’s early days, but it’s been a fucking great ride so far.

And if I ever get strong enough to flip that car, I just hope the owner is insured and someone has their camera out.

Anyone Can Be Cool…

Anyone Can Be Cool

When I registered I had this grand vision for what I want it to be. It never went anywhere because I didn’t really give a shit about the intended subject matter.

So instead of letting this page continue to stagnate, I’m just going to start sharing cool shit that I stumble upon, people that inspire me, stuff that’s pissing me off or rocking my world. Whatever.

If it gets a little self-helpy at times, hopefully you dig it and can take something from it. If not, feel free to skip over that shit.

It’ll take me a while to find my voice, but that’s cool. Awesome takes practise.


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